High School Christian Campus

Updated: 3/29/2017

To prepare your children for the future in our technological world, it's important that our school keeps our educational technology up-to-date.

Updated: 3/29/2017

As a part of our curriculum, we teach the students to be kind and considerate to one another.

Updated: 3/29/2017

Throughout the history of our school the greatest technological advancement has been the implementation of the SMART technology in our Media Resource Center. Students in both Middle School and High School are offered the opportunity to attend leadership retreats.

Updated: 3/29/2017

Sending your children to Christian school will ensure they pass on your family values. Since our society today is involving technology in many places, we are integrating technology into our curriculum.

Updated: 3/29/2017

We have a daily video announcement studio which encompasses the use of student anchors, producers, and directors.

Updated: 3/29/2017

We offer a special camp in the summer for children who are attendees of our school. When you want your children to have a well rounded Christian education, come visit our school.

Updated: 3/28/2017

We stress and encourage the students to be an active part of their community, helping where they can.

Updated: 3/27/2017

It doesn't matter what grade your child is in because all students can be a part of our yearly school play. We are committing to educate both students and our staff of teachers in acquiring technological skills.

Updated: 3/26/2017

Our staff is united in training your children to be productive adults in their community.

Updated: 3/25/2017

Your child can learn how to express his emotions through musical education.

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