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Updated: 3/28/2017

There is an array of opportunities to assist your Elementary, Middle School, or High School student in using their leadership skills.

Updated: 3/27/2017

Making sure your children get a Christian education is important to most families. When children are participants in sports, they learn to have team spirit and get a more rounded education.

Updated: 3/27/2017

Although we offer track and field, some children prefer to participate in baseball or football.

Updated: 3/27/2017

When you want your child to have classes that are integrating technology on a daily basis, you should check out our school.

Updated: 3/27/2017

We will seek to instill Christian values in the lives of your children in both our primary and secondary school. Teachers are able to present video clips and internet sites to their students through the use of SMART technology.

Updated: 3/26/2017

We are understanding of your children's needs to be able to work at their own pace. Having leadership skills is important in today's world, so we encourage your child to become a leader rather than a follower.

Updated: 3/25/2017

Power Point Presentations assist the teachers in supplying their students with necessary information.

Updated: 3/25/2017

The elementary years are a crucial time in the life of your child's growth, both spiritually and academically.

Updated: 3/24/2017

By having our speech classes connected to our drama department, we can really emphasize self confidence to students.

Updated: 3/23/2017

We stress and encourage the students to be an active part of their community, helping where they can.

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